Retargeting Secrets

My online income journey started in 1999. Now I know that sounds like a lifetime ago and it was in many ways for me and my family. I had a full time job doing automatic fire system inspections and maintenance for banks and restaurants and a small company that cleaned vent hoods for restaurants after they closed at night. It was a decent living but I was drawn to the idea of having an internet business that worked even when I was asleep.

Retargeting simply means that you are placing a cookie on a visitors pc when they visit any landing page you control. This cookie allows you to have display ads follow them around the web showing them your offer again with a special deal to entice them to sign up or even showing them relevant offers that you think they would be interested in.

Don’t get hung up on the technology. These days you can easily setup a retargeting campaign in several places like Google Ads, Facebook, Perfect Audience, Replug, Adroll and more. Read more


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